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Why Choose First Genesis?

Over 30 years ago, our founders poured their hearts and souls into building First Genesis from the ground up. Their hard work paid off when Profit Magazine recognized us as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies in 1999. When we celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2022, we reflected on the values instilled by our founders and the experience we have gained over the years. With these strengths, our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality products and delighting our customers for many years to come.

Reliable Suppliers

We take great pride in being a reliable supplier through our commitment in delivering products on time and meeting customers’ needs. From our manufacturing processes to our customer service, we strive to exceed expectations and provide the highest level of reliability possible.

Dedicated Team

​Our team is committed to serving you through our expertise, passion, and dedication. Rooted in our mission and values, we work tirelessly to delight our customers.

Our Mission

We empower our customers by offering tailored and creative packaging solutions. Our commitment to excellence, quality, and competitive pricing allows us to delight our customers and help them succeed in today’s competitive market.




Our recent partnerships and customers

First Genesis works with a multitude of different reputable companies including:

Global Logistic Capabilities

First Genesis Inc. has world wide shipping

At First Genesis, we believe that our customers should have a seamless and stress-free experience when it comes to receiving their orders. No matter where you are, we work tirelessly to take care of all aspects of delivery, logistics, and shipping for our products. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that our products are delivered to your warehouse floor in a timely and efficient manner. We believe that by providing a complete end-to-end service, we can eliminate the stress and hassle associated with shipping and logistics. Our commitment to delight our customers extends beyond just the quality of our products, and we strive to make every aspect of our customers’ experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

first genesis inc global logistic capabilities
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World-Class Factories in our Portfolio

At First Genesis, we prioritize our relationships with our world-class factory partners, recognizing that they are essential to our success. Through our tireless efforts, we have cultivated strong partnerships with these suppliers to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our close collaboration with our factories allows us to ensure that every product we offer meets our rigorous standards for quality and performance. We take pride in the long-standing relationships we have built over the years, treating our partners with the utmost respect and professionalism. With their support, we are able to deliver the best products and prices to our valued customers.


How do I place an order?

If you are a current customer, you can call us at 905-677-1598, or email our operations team at jchan@sunflowerpkg.com or adong@sunflowerpkg.com to place an order. For new and inquiring customers, please go to our “Get a Quote” page and fill in any relevant info regarding what you are looking for or the application the bag will be used in. Our sales team will contact you within 1 business day.

Yes and No, we import all of our products from all over the world and local suppliers.
However, for our produce packaging, we have an exclusive partnership with our factory in Guangdong, China. When you talk to us, you are talking to the factory.
By partnering with a single factory for our produce packaging, we ensure that all of our products and factory meet industry and food and safety standards through acquiring our FSSC 22000 certification and audit. Our partnership provides crucial advantages for successful operations, prioritizing price, quality, and consistency across all products with rigorous quality assurance and control processes.
No, but it can be. Contact us for additional information.
To label a package as “RECYCLABLE,” the FTC mandates that at least 60% of local recyclers must be capable of processing that type of plastic. In North America, PET (#1) and HDPE (#2) are widely processed due to their ease of handling and profitability in the recycled resin market, making them High-Value materials as per How2Recycle.
No, these materials do not meet the FTC recyclability requirements.
Our MOQ is 1,000pcs (1M) for our industrial stock bags or unless specified. Our MOQ is 25 lbs (1 box) for our industrial stock and produce rubber bands. Our MOQ is 1,000pcs (1M) for our stock produce pouches. For our SPC containers, MOQ varies with size; please see our SPC page for the MOQ based on size. All custom orders, plain or printed, have a MOQ of 50,000pcs (50M) however, we are more flexible on certain sizes.
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