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Co-Ex Poly Mailers

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Co-Ex Poly Mailer

* Various sizes for shipping large and small products.
* Good quality and bag thickness to protect items inside.
* Custom sizes are available depending on quantity.
* Lightweight, save on postage costs.


* Self stick sealing for easy shipping
* White frosted coating


CB2506096x(9+LIP 1.5") 2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG 100 1.2 LB1000 12 LB  Add to Cart
CB25751057.5x(10.5+LIP 1.5")2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG100 1.7 LB100017 LB  Add to Cart
CB2509129x(12+LIP 1.5") 2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG 100 2.2 LB1000 22 LB  Add to Cart
CB25101310x(13+LIP 1.5") 2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG 100 2.6 LB500 13 LB  Add to Cart
CB25121512X(15+LIP 1.5") 2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG100 4.2 LB500 21 LB  Add to Cart
CB251451914.5X(19+LIP 1.5") 2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG502.8 LB25014 LB  Add to Cart
CB25192419X(24+LIP 1.5") 2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG50 4.8 LB250 24 LB  Add to Cart
CB25242424X(24+LIP 1.5") 2.5 MIL POLY MAILER BAG50 6 LB250 30 LB  Add to Cart