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LLDPE Food Grade Pound Bags

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LLDPE Food Grade Pound Bags

*Used for packing produce, candies, meats.
* Bags are FDA Approved
* More photos of LB Bags in the Gallery Section


*Dispenser pound bags are available from 1LB to 12LB
* These are packed in 100 Bags per Dispenser Box with 10 Dispenser Boxes in each Master Carton. (1000 Bags per MC).


LB011LB, 5x8-1E PLAIN POLY BAG1M2.8LBS1M2.8LBS  Add to Cart
LB022LB, 4X2X10-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS4.0LBS500PCS4.0LBS  Add to Cart
LB033LB, 5x2x11.5-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS5LBS500PCS5LBS  Add to Cart
LB044LB, 5x3x12-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS5.9LBS500PCS5.9LBS  Add to Cart
LB055LB, 5x3x14-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS6.5LBS500PCS6.5LBS  Add to Cart
LB066LB, 5x3x15-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS7.4LBS500PCS7.4LBS  Add to Cart
LB077LB, 6x3x15-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS8.6LBS500PCS8.6LBS  Add to Cart
LB088LB, 7x3x16-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS9.7LBS500PCS9.7LBS  Add to Cart
LB099LB, 7x3x18-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS11.5LBS 500PCS11.5LBS   Add to Cart
LB1010LB, 7x3x20-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS12.3LBS500PCS12.3LBS  Add to Cart
LB1111LB, 8x4x18-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS14.4LBS500PCS14.4LBS  Add to Cart
LB1212LB, 8x4x20-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS15.2LBS500PCS15.2LBS  Add to Cart
LB1515LB, 10x5x20-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS23.2LBS500PCS23.2LBS  Add to Cart
LB2121LB, 12x6x26-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS27.5LBS500PCS27.5LBS  Add to Cart
LB2525LB, 12x6x30-1E PLAIN POLY BAG500PCS30.8LBS500PCS30.8LBS  Add to Cart