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Poly Bag Heat Sealers

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Horizontal Sealer

- Suitable for small bags packaging
- Adopts an electronic constant temperature control system
- Can Seal various types of plastic films.
- Uses a solid-ink coding device, able to print desired designs
- Clearly printed characters, ink does not fade and is instantly dried with strong adhesives.


Horizontal Type

Voltage:                 110V / 60Hz
Motor Power:       130W
Heater Power:     220W * 2
Sealing Speed:   0-12m / min
Sealing Width:     8mm, 10mm
Temp. range: 0 - 300 Degrees Celsius 
Printing Method: Solid Ink
Material Thickness: <= 0.08mm
Size of Table:       930*150(mm)
Single Conveyor: <= 1kg
Overall Conveyer: <= 3kg
Machine Dimension: 950*400*430(mm)
Weight: 45 kg

Height from the sealing centre to the conveying table: 10-40mm


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