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Poly Bag Heat Sealers

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Heat Sealer Parts

*Parts Include the Heat Element, Teflon Strips, Silicone Rubber and Trimmer Blade.
*Replacing parts regularly ensures a longer life for the sealer.
*Can be bought individually or as a service kit (Contains a specific set of each part)


*The Silicone Rubber located on the upper handle applies pressure to the bag to the bag to ensure a proper and smooth seal. If the silicone rubber has burn marks or appears worn out, the appearance of the seal will be affected. Replacing the silicone rubber will fix this issue.

*The Teflon strips are used as a protective barrier between the packaging material and the heating element.
*Heating elements come in both flat and round. Round elements are used for cut and seal models.
*Replace trimmer blades when they become dull to ensure a clean cut for every bag.

Sealer kits can be assembled for specific purposes. Can include Teflon, Heat element & Trimmer Blade.
Whole Teflon Rolls are also available - Factory Ordered.


HPHEF222mm x 8" HEAT ELEMENT FLAT   Add to Cart
HPHEF232mm x 12" HEAT ELEMENT FLAT      Add to Cart
HPHEF242mm x 16" HEAT ELEMENT FLAT      Add to Cart
HPHEF252mm x 18" HEAT ELEMENT FLAT      Add to Cart
HPHEF262mm x 24" HEAT ELEMENT FLAT      Add to Cart
HPTF2001 1/4" x 8" TEFLON-TISH200      Add to Cart
HPTF3001 1/4" x 12" TEFLON-TISH300      Add to Cart
HPTF4001 1/4" x 16" TEFLON-TISH400      Add to Cart
HPTF452/4559.5" x 20" TEFLON-TISF452/455      Add to Cart
HPTF602/6059.5" x 24.74" TEFLON-TISF602/605      Add to Cart
HPSR2008" SILICONE RUBBER-TISH200      Add to Cart
HPSR30012" SILICONE RUBBER-TISH300      Add to Cart
HPSR40016" SILICONE RUBBER-TISH400   Add to Cart
HPSR45518" SILICONE RUBBER-TISH455   Add to Cart
HPSR60224" SILICONE RUBBER-TISF602   Add to Cart
HPSR300C12" x 2 SILICONE RUBBER-TISH300C (CUTTER)     Add to Cart
HPTFR1-100-51 1/4" x 36 YARDS TEFLON ROLL   Add to Cart
HPTFR1-100-5-11" x 36 YARDS TEFLON ROLL   Add to Cart
HPTFR1-100-5-21/2" x 36 YARDS TEFLON ROLL   Add to Cart
HPTFR1-100-5-32" X 18 YARDS TEFLON ROLL   Add to Cart