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LDPE Reclosable Zipper Bags

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2 MIL Clear Reclosable Zipper Bag

*Made from FDA Food Approved resins
*Made from 2 Mil Light Weight Poly film
*All stock sizes zipper bags have a 6mm Hang Hole
*Standard Packaging: 100 Bags/Pack
10 Pack/Box (1,000 Bags)


*Zipper prevents any dirt or moisture from entering the bag.


RC202022x2-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M0.7LBS20M14LBS  Add to Cart
RC202032x3-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M1.1LBS20M22LBS  Add to Cart
RC202082x8-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M2.9LBS10M29LBS  Add to Cart
RC203033x3-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M1.6LBS10M160LBS  Add to Cart
RC203043x4-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M2LBS10M20LBS  Add to Cart
RC203053x5-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M2.5LBS10M25LBS  Add to Cart
RC204044x4-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M2.7LBS10M27LBS  Add to Cart
RC204064x6-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M4LBS6M24LBS  Add to Cart
RC204084x8-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M5.3LBS4M21.2LBS  Add to Cart
RC205075x7-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M5.8LBS4M23.2LBS  Add to Cart
RC205085X8-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG 1M5.8LBS4M23.2LBS  Add to Cart
RC206046x4-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M4LBS4M16LBS  Add to Cart
RC206066x6-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M6LBS4M24LBS  Add to Cart
RC206086x8-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M8LBS4M32LBS  Add to Cart
RC206096x9-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M9LBS2M18LBS  Add to Cart
RC206106x10-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M10LBS2M20LBS  Add to Cart
RC207107x10-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M11.6LBS2M23.2LBS  Add to Cart
RC208088x8-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M10.6LBS2M21.2LBS  Add to Cart
RC208108x10-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M13.3LBS2M26.6LBS  Add to Cart
RC209129x12-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M16.6LBS1M16.6LBS  Add to Cart
RC2101010x10-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M15.3LBS1M15.3LBS  Add to Cart
RC2101210x12-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M18.4LBS1M18.4LBS  Add to Cart
RC2101310x13-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M19.9LBS1M19.9LBS  Add to Cart
RC2121212x12-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M22.1LBS1M22.1LBS  Add to Cart
RC2121512x15-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M25.5LBS1M25.5LBS  Add to Cart
RC2131513x15-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M27.3LBS1M27.3LBS  Add to Cart
RC2152015x20-2 MIL CLEAR REC BAG1M44.1LBS1M44.1LBS  Add to Cart