Hand Crimp Sealer

Product description

  • Lightweight and Easy to Grip.
  • Teflon covered heating jaw for light and medium gauge film.
  • For cellophane, foil, craft paper.
  • Equipped with Temperature Controller and Working Light .
  • Wide heating jaws for cellophane, wax paper, foils and heat sealable labels.
  • Equipped with adjustable temperature controller, gives the user a wide range of temperatures to seal with.
  • Let the unit heat up for up to 15 minutes before beginning the sealing process.

  • Sealing M ylar Balloons
  • Sealing Poly Bags
  • Sealing PVC, foil & saran
  • The 8" & 12" Crimper Hand Sealers are not a stock item, and will be factory ordered when needed.
  • Crimper Hand sealers have the option for a Clamp and Foot Pedal accessory.







TINM0150DH 6" Crimper Hand Sealer Dbl Bar 15mm x 150mm 1 SET 2.5 LBS 1 SET 2.5 LBS
KFH-150CS 6" Crimper Hand Sealer - 2mm x 150mm 1 SET 2 LBS 1 SET 2 LBS
KFH-300CS 12" Crimper Hand Sealer - 2mm x 150mm 1 SET 3 LBS 1 SET 3 LBS