2 Mil Clear Printed Specimen Zipper Bag

Product description

High Strength LDPE FDA Approved Food Grade Resin.

Bag is also approved for use by Health Canada LONO# KS14123002

Bag is 100% Recyclable designated Recycle Logo #4

  • Easy Open/Close Zipper Seal
  • 2 Mil Printed Clear LDPE Poly film substrate
  • Bag printed with Biohazard Logo
  • All bags with 2mm Off-Set Lip for easy opening
  • Additional compartment to keep paperwork separate from specimen
  • Standard Packaging: 100 Bags/Pack, 10 Pack/Box (1,000 pcs)
  • Factory is ISO and Food Safety Certified

  • Used in hospitals and Medical Labs to safely transfer specimens, paperwork, and samples.







RP3w 6 x 9 x 8.25-2 MIL CLEAR PRINTED 3 WALL SPECIMEN REC ZIPPER BAG 1,000 14 lbs 2,000 28 LBS