Genesis-HDR2 - High Clarity HDPE Food and Produce Packaging

Product description

Looking for sustainable and affordable packaging options for your produce? Look no further than First Genesis Inc. and join us in our mission to promote environmental sustainability. Our custom plain or printed Genesis-HDR2 Produce Pouches are the perfect choice for your eco-conscious consumers and retailers.

Our factory is proud to have developed the first High Clarity HDPE film substrate that is specifically designed for produce packaging. Not only is this material completely recyclable #2 plastic, which is widely accepted by municipal recycling systems in Canada, US, and Mexico. It can also be made with biodegradable additives, so it can break down in landfills for an added layer of environmental responsibility. Whether the consumer throws the pouch in the garbage or recycling, they can be sure that it will be disposed of effectively.

Our additives have been trialled and tested for their efficiency. If you want more information about our Landfill Biodegradable additive, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All of our pouches are made from FDA-approved food-grade resin in an FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 Food Safety certified factory, ensuring the highest quality standards