Orange Pouches

Product description

We produce our navel orange pouches in the 4 Lb., 5 Lb. and 6 Lb. pack sizes. For the heavier duty pack sizes, we use high tensile strength laminated film substrates for puncture and tear resistance. We have the knowledge and experience to produce a pouch that meets your specific requirements. Below are some of the additional product features we can include.

For citrus fruits or produce growers, you have the option to try our half net and half poly bags. Citrus fruits and produce require good ventilation. Instead of cutting multiple vent holes in the bag, we replace the vent holes with poly netting. If branding is important for you, our half net and half poly bag offers you more real estate for printing compared to an all-net bag.

Our factory uses rotogravure printing plates instead of polymer printing plates to print all our pouches. The difference can be seen in our print quality. Our printing presses print on 175-line screens, compared to most North American printers, which use polymer plates that print on 125-line screens. This is why our printed bag quality is much sharper, with clearer images and more vibrant colours.