1/2 Lb. Anti-Fog Cut Salad Zip Stand-Up Pouch


½ Lb. BOPP/CPP, Anti-Fog, Micro Vent Stock Plain Zip Produce Stand-Up Pouch (PSUP)

Material Composition:

  • BOPP over CPP Film Lamination.

  • Made from FDA Approved Food Grade Resin.

  • Bag is 100% Recyclable #5 Plastic.

Product Features:

  • Zipper Seal Pre-Open

  • High Clarity BOPP/CPP Poly film substrate

  • Anti-Fog Coating Inside Bag 

  • Die-Cut Handle above Zipper Seal

  • Diamond Cut Bottom Gusset 

  • Micro Vent Holes

  • 4” x 4” space for Printed Label

  • Standard Packaging: 100 Bags/Pack, 10 Pack/Box (1,000 pcs)

  • Factory is ISO and Food Safety Certified


  • Anti-Fog Coating inside bag condenses the fog into water droplets. 

  • Micro Vent holes slow down moisture loss and keep produce fresh longer.

  • High Clarity film substrate to showcase your produce inside.

  • Diamond Cut Bottom Gusset allows the bag to stand upright.

  • Ideal for packing Cut Salad, Micro Green, etc.

Name Description QTY/BOX WT/BOX QTY/MST WT/MST  
LPPPCS 1/2LB. CUT SALAD ANTI-FOG ZIP PSUP 1,000 26.0 --- --- Add To
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